A 70's themed..... wet dream? I don't know, but...

Maybe you will!

Welcome to my VERY FIRST blog post, everyone! My name is Amber and I am the owner of Amber Moon Boudoir located in Elkton, Maryland. I think next ill do a small post about me and how I came into the boudoir world but first, without further ado, I bring you... Kate's 70's Themed Boudoir.

Let's talk about where I get these random ideas for new sets. First, are you an interior designer? Because I sure as fuck am not. BEEP BEEP, Jump on my struggle bus, baby! Buckle up! Im about to explain how I build these sets from scratch.

First and foremost, I need to give a quick shout out to Alaynna Marr, owner and operator of Boudiyy. A do it yourself community for Boudoir Photographers who are struggling with balancing ideas for new sets and builds. When I first joined Alaynnas group I had no idea It would completely change how I look at the creative aspect of boudoir. I mean, this woman changed my life. I have to thank her for pushing me (although, she probably has no idea just how much of an influence she's had on me) to see the fun side of bringing your visions to life!

"Oh my god. How do you come up with these sets?!" Clients get too excited when they come into the studio and find random new goodies (new set) built almost overnight. Well, the truth is.. I hyper focus BUT besides that, I guess the most honest answer is, I just get bored. Wow, its almost like I'm a creative or something! I literally have to make a new set at least once a month or I break. I get pissy. Angry. Irritated. Bored. So, I build!

How do you match everything so well?

Simple answer! Pick one thing that you want to build around. For me it was my 70's themed Tapestry from Society6 that did me in. So vibey. Next, I knew I wanted a small couch that would fit in my tiny studio specifically for this set. Off to Amazon I went! JACKPOT! I found the perfect little loveseat on amazon for just under $300 (by the way, its now over $400! Sorry y'all ).

After that, I just started adding a few little touches here and there. Ugly brown shag carpet (amazon), disco balls (amazon) & even a couple of Vintage PLAYBOY issues from the 70's (thanks eBay!).

Once you get going it can become hard to stop, so remember that less is in fact, more.

Scroll all the way down to see Kates Set!