The Boudoir Experience in Elkton, MD

Being a woman is hard. Society has such high expectations as to what "sexy" should be. Some days im truthfully lucky to even brush my hair. We are living in a world where we are constantly being judged on our appearance, how we mother our children, the career path we have taken, the color of our hair and even down to our eyebrows. First of all, the main thing I want to say is: SCREW ALL OF THAT! We are women. We are fierce creatures to behold. We get so wrapped up in our daily routine that we forget about the beautiful beast inside of us, and I absolutely strive to show you that she is still in there. Your size doesn't matter, nor does your age or the color of your skin. If you have ever done boudoir then you completely understand how empowering it truly is! If you haven't, what exactly are you waiting for? Its completely acceptable to do this for your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend... But at the end of the day I want you to do this for YOU.

Girl, let's chat.

I have heard every excuse under the moon on why someones not ready to book their shoot. A few of my favorites consist of-

"I don't know how to be sexy or confident"

You don't need to know how to be sexy nor confident. Im trained to bring confidence and sexiness to your shoot. I have extensive training on posing my clients whole body. From their fingertips to their facial expression. I'm right here to guide you, start to finish.

"I have no one to shoot for"

Yes, you do. Go take a visit to your bathroom mirror. That girl looking back at you is who you need to be doing this for. We are so busy in our daily lives that sometimes we forget who we are or who we used to be.

"I want to lose some weight first"

Let's talk about this one because its one that I've used myself. Sadly, a majority of us will always be super judgmental of our bodies. Truth? We could drop 100 pounds and still find something negative to say about ourselves. I truly try to help my clients learn to accept and cherish their bodies. I promise, you'll leave feeling like a new woman.

"I don't have the money"

I purposely made my collections affordable for clients of all income to enjoy this experience for themselves. I have layaway options to accommodate all income types. Ask me about it!

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